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Financial Coaching

Clients will receive one-on-one counseling from a trained coach to create a better financial future for themselves. Coaches will review the client’s credit report and financial habits to create a three to five-step plan for the client to follow. These steps will be attainable, concrete actions that clients can take in a short time period to create changes in their situation. Other local services may be suggested by the coach to the client as additional helpful resources to use in bettering their finances and personal situation.

Financial Workshops

Various financial workshops will be offered monthly at the South County Government Center: Budgeting, Building a Better Credit, When a Debt Collector Calls, and Reducing Debt one Paycheck. Clients learn skills such as ways to decrease spending, set financial goals, strategize debt reduction, how to create a personal spending budget, and more. These workshops are open to anyone and participants can preregister or walk-in. Clients who preregister for the workshops will receive a phone call and email reminders prior to the class.

Workforce Development

Clients will receive one-on-one employment assistance from a career development facilitator in order to help job seekers create employment goals and find employment. Meetings will be tailored to fit the need of the job seeker. Job assistance includes resume writing, interviewing skills, completing online job applications, navigating job sear boards, and setting and achieving employment goals. When needed, other local services may be suggested to the job seeker as additional helpful resources to use in improving their job search and/or employment goals.

Tax Preparation

Every Tuesday, clients will be able to take advantage of any of the following Tax services: preparation of prior year tax returns, amendments, counseling on various tax-related issues that may arise during the year. Schedule appointments are recommended, in order to secure a spot. Clients who preregister for a tax service will receive a phone call and email reminders prior to the appointment.

Starting a Business

Every Thursday, clients can receive one-on-one business training with a professional who will help them create a business plan and develop effective strategies to succeed. Services will include: small business loan (for a restaurant, market, taxi, truck, etc), business plan preparation, tax reporting, and training.

Students at the Financial Empowerment Center at the South County Center

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