Who We Are

Financial Empowerment Centers through the United Way are family-friendly places where hard-working, low-income people can access a full range of services to move out of poverty and achieve long-term financial stability.

Building multi-generational economic independence helps to provide a pathway out of poverty, which is critical given that today within the county, more two-adult working households are living at 125% of the federal poverty level.

To address and collaboratively impact this challenge, Fairfax County government, businesses, community members, and community-based organizations are working together on the following goals:

  • Increase levels of educational attainment to increase employability and future earnings
  • Increase access to work and work supports necessary for stable employment
  • Increase successful transitions from government safety net services to economic independence
  • Increase individuals’ ability to be financially resilient

The key to the fourth of these goals is expanding the county’s availability and coordination of financial capability services. This includes services that increase credit, increase income, decrease debt, and increase savings.

FEC at South County

Each FEC brings together the most effective nonprofit and government partners to help clients grow income, build assets, manage debt, and improve credit. Britepaths, Inc. has a proven track record of improving lives through teaching personal finance. As the lead nonprofit administrator of the FEC in South County, Britepaths is seeking partners to provide services that empower the clients of the Route 1 corridor.

Launching a Financial Empowerment Center in Fairfax County builds on a prosperous community investment history by United Way of the National Capital Area and the Fairfax County Department of Neighborhood and Community Services.

Despite the overall wealth of Fairfax County, many residents face substantial economic challenges.

We listen and respond to client’s needs with an improved grasp of their finances. Our clients feel more in charge of their lives and are more likely to sustain self-sufficiency.

Lead Partners

We are grateful to our partners.